Spring, a time for optimism

132 days to go until I embark on my 200 mile coast-to-coast I was delightfully informed today when I logged on to my donation page, plenty of time still to train! I bet that time goes quickly, especially when baby number two arrives in the next few weeks!

As I saw some bright yellow daffodils it made me think. Spring for me is an awesome time of year and fills me with optimism; the colours of nature that start to emerge after hiding from the bleak winter, the increased chirp of the birds as food becomes more readily available, hopefully the trails start to try out and I don’t have the 30 minute clean up after every ride and the clocks go forward. As much as I like night riding, finding the motivation to get out and ride/run is seemingly so much easier when it’s daylight!

Every so often work takes me to the Big Smoke and riding my bike as part of my training for the #RatRaceCrossing has to take a pause. But this is not an excuse for not training so I have found a couple of great runs around the heart of the country’s capital that still allow me to work towards my goal whilst also enjoying a different part of the country. Who would of thought that a 10km run starting from the heart of London would involve running around huge expanses of green, dodging friendly squirrels, seeing gorgeous bright green parakeets flying about and witnessing the cultural diversity of those enjoying the leisure facilities on and around the Serpentine.

The expanse of ‘green’ in the heart of London


I also take in some of the city’s greatest landmarks; Horse Guards Parade, Buckingham Palace, Bomber Command Memorial  and The Mall. Each one stacked in history – so a quick internet search after the run while I cool down allows me to understand a tiny bit more about the environment in which I live. In this busy day-and-age how often do you take a few moments to learn about something new?

Next time you go for a ride/run/walk take a look around and see what’s about, whether it’s history, culture or nature and find out a bit more about it, it’s quite enriching. And with a smartphone probably with you and Strava tracking your escapade, you could even ask Siri on the go; “hey Siri, what’s the archway in front of me?” [other phones are available, I just happen to have an iPhone!]

And, if you are ever in London and need a bike fix with awesome coffee, then Soho Bikes is the place for you 🙂

Awesome coffee and shiny bikes, what more could you want!


Here’s my donation page: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CharityCrossing
Here’s why I’m doing it: https://charitycrossing.wordpress.com/about/


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