Inspired; “live for today”

After a recent incident that I helped deal with involving an unconscious casualty and becoming embroiled in the subsequent Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue evacuation (one of my chosen charities for the #RatRaceCrossing), again I reflected on the randomness we get dealt in every day life, how important these amazing charities are and how today is so important as you don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Over the last weekend there has been an amazing weekend of talks, shows and films as part of the Peebles Outdoor Film Festival. Along with my buddy Scott (shared experiences…!) we went to a talk by Stu Thomson, one of the incredibly talented film makers of Scottish company Cut Media that has produced some truly epic mountain bike films such as “The Ridge” but also things like the video to Rudimental/Emily Sande’s “Free” – and that video is worth a watch as the story is very touching but the film content insane! As part of the talk he showed a short film that he produced involving climber Hazel Findlay; it resonated so closely and says what I am trying to portray in this blog much better than I can, so here it is:

Hazel Findlay Film

The #RatRaceCrossing will be tough, no doubt, but that’s not a reason for not giving it a go.

Here’s my donation page:
Here’s why I’m doing it:

Cover photo: Cut Media | Title quote: Hazel Findlay


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