Seize the moment, nae faff

Absolutely stunning. Wasn’t so bad after all. Glad I did that.

It is easy to find excuses not to do something; too difficult, time consuming, little return, got to make the tea… the list could go on. Today it was -2 degrees, breezy, icy and there were lots of excuses I could have made. But I didn’t, and thank goodness I didn’t.

The Eildons seen through the historic Three Brethren, Selkirk

Although today was about going for a ride (yes, again! but it’s for charity), the following ramblings apply to life in general to a great extent. I am lucky, I have a great motivation for doing the #RatRaceCrossing but today I also had the delight to go and take some photos of this beautiful part of the Scottish Borders for dear friends that are moving and want a canvas to remind them of where they used to live.

As I put on the thermals and my new knee-high waterproof socks that have solved my previous blogs problem, a shiver went down my spine – it was going to be cold and the mere thought of that made me even colder. Thick windproof gloves went on, DSLR and insulated jacket into the rucksack and a bottle of electrolyte juice made up off I headed into the bitter winter’s day. What was I doing, I could stay inside and read the latest issue of a bike mag and surf the internet with no real purpose with the fire on! Within a few km the smells of the wood being harvested, the crunch of the fresh snow under the tyres and the sight of a majestic bird of prey overhead made all of these initial doubts disappear; what a privilege it was to be out. As the snow got deeper, peddling became more difficult and my speed slower but, in turn, that meant I had even more time to see the beauty of my surroundings.

Looking west to Minch Moor and beyond from the Three Brethren

Reaching the peak for today’s ride the insulated jacket went straight on, the wind was biting. The blue sky typically was not in the direction I wanted to take my photos but, do you know what, if that’s the worst issue I experience today then I’ll take that. Trying to be artistic I snapped away (the beauty of DSLR, if it’s rubbish, delete 🙂 ) before heading back. The singletrack descent was amazing; the trees drooping with inches of snow, a narrow thread of brown cotton on which to ride, cracking ice that had formed over the puddles, leaving fresh tracks in the snow with the only sign of other life being the odd deer hoof print. Solitude, beauty, tranquility suddenly interrupted by the requirement for total concentration thanks to the less-than-ideal brakes currently fitted to my bike! Importantly to me, I also arrived just in time (head-to-toe in ice/snow/mud which caused some laughs) at my wee boys nursery to wave him into his new class as he starts his long journey down the singletrack of life.

Hard not to avoid face-fulls of snow!

I have learnt over the years, quite often a hard way, that you never know what tomorrow holds. So, grasp today, seize the opportunity and just do whatever you think you can put off – the rewards will be there.

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