There’s only inappropriate clothing…

“Let’s get a good #RatRaceCrossing training ride in” I said to my friend Janey. “Ok she said, we can do a couple of laps of a training loop I did for Relentless last year”. 51km and 1300m of climbing later I had no sensation in my right foot it was that cold! This is a good loop. Starting with a climb to warm the legs up, the route she had chosen winds its way up the forest roads to pop out just below the freeride park at Glentress. From there we continued around to pick up the blue route at The Motorway; despite the persistent drizzle this indicated the start of the fun. Even on the third lap, this section of descent to the Peel was a hoot and a roar.

The gentle training session!

What was cold however were the multitude of puddles littering the route. Little dips in the trail, braking holes and wee streams of water all contained very cold Scottish water and no matter how much I tried to avoid them or manual through them we were going to get wet! Mixed with a light breeze and we rapidly started to chill.  Thankfully, the awesome Sweet Protection waterproof shorts and jacket I was wearing kept my core, lower back and butt dry but sadly my choice of footwear was not so successful. Even with thick merino wool socks my feet got ever wetter and colder to the extent that during lap two I lost sensation in my toes and by lap three my whole foot!

So next ride, perhaps the supermarket carrier bag trick used by one of my other riding buddies or knee-high waterproof socks might be called for…!


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