I hate running, but…

I am not a runner. I have never really enjoyed it but I do get that it’s probably good for me. Last year I rode 2451.9km, climbed 88,623m over 236hrs and 153 logged rides. In comparison, I ran 20.5km for 1hr40 over two runs! Tonight’s run was dark, wet and with a 20mph headwind – not the most enjoyable conditions but my dog (an English Springer Spaniel called Bella) was a good companion and will be a key part of my training regime for the #RatRaceCrossing. No matter what the weather, she needs to be walked/run so provides a great excuse to really put some effort into cross training and not just riding.

I am fortunate to work with Chris, Andy, Rab and Ruaridh at Dirt School who all have vast experience of competing at world cup level. I will be trying to tap into their knowledge of preparation, nutrition, training and fitness in order to help me in being as ready as possible for the 31st June. As it happens, here’s a bit from them on variability in training


My motivation: https://charitycrossing.wordpress.com/about/

Donations: Virgin Giving


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